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Documentation as Code in Automotive System/Software Engineering

Some days ago I stumbled over a PDF paper by Dr. Momcilo Krunic from 2023, in which he describes a docs-as-code implementation for an ASPICE-compliant SW development project at an Automotive supplier. And what can I say? This article by Dr. Momcilo Krunic is the best overview I have ever read, regarding the introduction of docs-as-code in a professional Automotive SW project. Therefore I decided to get in contact with him and ask for permission to republish his outstanding work in an HTML version so that single chapters are easier to link and share. It’s 100% in sync with the original post, I only needed to change 1-2 reference styles for technical reasons. And I added also some personal notes as dropdowns, pointing to extensions or slightly different implementation ideas.

This post was written and published by Dr. Momcilo Krunic, as a paper for the Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika journal. The original version can be downloaded as PDF from ResearchGate. Original sources are available on a gitlab repository under Creative Common License 4.0. It’s also worth to visit his new startup:


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Manager POV: What’s the benefit of docs-as-code?

In the last 2-3 years one of my main tasks was to convince people to use a docs-as-code approach for their SW project. The hard part is not to convince SW developers to use it, as they are often already doing it. But team leaders and managers, as their concerns are often not related to single features, but more about process and toolchain compliance and integration. And for sure the question of all questions: What’s the monetary benefit?

So if you are a CEO, a manager, a team leader or just want to understand the big picture, grab a coffee/tea, sit back and let me explain: How docs-as-code will save you money and still increase the product quality.


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New years cleaning

During the Christmas holidays, I had some time to think about new topics for the blog.

So I checked out the latest version, installed the requirements and tried to build the documentation. But Bang! Dozens of warnings and error messages flew over my terminal. The reason was mainly updated libraries like Sphinx and related extensions. Not a big problem, but for sure my fault, as I haven’t pinned the versions in the requirements file.


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