Page reactivation#

For a long, long time I had no private representation on the internet, as most of my work was done for open-source projects, so that I added my thoughts to their websites and documentation pages.

Now, I’m planing something big ;)

So time for new stuff and as I have spent a lot of my time on Sphinx related topics, for sure this page is Sphinx based.

But for now, enough! I have work to do. So after all extensions are configured, custom css is written, CI is ready and deployment works, I plan to update this post with some more technical details. Stay tuned.

Technical hints#


Setting HTML meta data per page / file:

  "description lang=en": "metadata description"
  "keywords": "Sphinx, MyST"
  "property=og:locale": "en_US"
\```{title} Daniel Woste personal page


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